Mint Stop

Mint Stop

A confectionery wonderland emerged at The National Gingerbread Competition (™) held at Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC. With over 400 hours of devotion, Lindsay Deibler and her co-artist Wendy Prior crafted “The Mint Stop™,” a masterpiece that weighed in at a substantial 40 lbs and measured 24”w x 24” h x 24” d.

This delectable delight was nothing short of a winter wonderland, boasting intricate laser-engraved candy canes on gingerbread walls and a candy cane Christmas tree that glistened with holiday charm. A whimsical polar bear and a playful dog added a touch of enchantment to the scene, making it an award-winning creation that secured a spot in the Top 10 of the Adult Category, among 90 fierce competitors.

Lindsay’s ability to transform edible materials into magical landscapes is a testament to her passion and artistry, and “The Mint Stop™” is a sweet testament to her creativity and dedication to the gingerbread craft.

Whimsical Wonderland in Gingerbread

Step into a whimsical winter wonderland with “The Mint Stop™.” This enchanting gingerbread creation, born from the hands of Lindsay Deibler and her talented co-artist Wendy Prior, invites you into a world of sweet delights and holiday magic. From intricately engraved candy canes to a candy cane Christmas tree adorned with edible glitter, every detail of this masterpiece is crafted with love and devotion. Join us on a journey through this confectionery masterpiece, where a polar bear and a playful dog await your arrival. Discover the joy and wonder of “The Mint Stop™,” a true testament to the artistry of gingerbread.

Client:Omni Grove Park InnTime Taken:400+ hoursWeight:40lbsDimensions:24” w x 24” h x 24” dCo-Artist:Wendy PriorAward:Adult Top 10Share: