Lindsay Deibler

The Gingerbread Enchantress

Step into the captivating realm of Lindsay Deibler, where gingerbread transcends tradition, and opulent luxury harmonizes with the edible arts. With a distinguished Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Lindsay seamlessly intertwines her creative finesse with an unwavering devotion to crafting gingerbread magic. It is within this enchanting world that she proudly embraces the title of the “Ginger Gingerbread Lady.” 

Custom Artistry

Elevate your events with opulent, bespoke gingerbread installations.

The Masterclass

Immerse in gingerbread artistry at Lindsay'shands-on workshops.

Creative Consults

Craft spectacular creations with Lindsay's expert experience and guidance.

Opulent Collabs

Partner with Lindsay for edible brand extravagance like never before.

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Deibler has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Florida State University. Lindsay has worked in interior design in West Palm Beach & Jupiter, Florida, Charleston, SC, before moving to Winston-Salem, NC.

Painting and creating beautiful gingerbread creations are her side passions. As a self taught baker she started making cakes for friends and family but recently in the past seven years her love of learning the craft of gingerbread grew. Lindsay has been blessed to have such wonderful “gingerfriends” within the gingerbread community to ask questions and to have learned from. She looks forward to creating wonderful magical pieces for competitions and/or commissions during the holiday season each year.

She resides in Winston-Salem, NC where she lives with her husband, two boys and two dogs.

©2023 Photo By Keith Barraclough

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From Interior Elegance to Edible Opulence

Lindsay’s journey commenced in the realm of high-end interior design, where her impeccable taste and artistic flair graced the most luxurious spaces. It was here that she discovered her love for creating beauty, setting the stage for her foray into the exquisite world of gingerbread.

Watch Lindsay on the Food Network

Lindsay Deibler, the Gingerbread Lady, has brought her culinary creativity to the Food Network stage. Explore her delightful appearances, where she showcased her gingerbread artistry and captured the hearts of audiences with her enchanting creations.


Collaborate with Lindsay

Have a unique gingerbread project in mind? Collaborate with Lindsay to bring your ideas to life. Together, you can create edible art beyond imagination.

Left to Right: Lindsay (me), Andrew (husband), and my two boys Gabe and Gavin Deibler

Beyond the Bake

Lindsay Deibler, an Interior Design wizard by day, sprinkles her family life with gingerbread magic in Winston-Salem, NC. Alongside her husband and their two boys, her family’s unwavering support has been her secret ingredient for success in the gingerbread world. They cheered her on during her first nerve-wracking entry into The National Gingerbread Competition and encouraged her to keep going when she felt outmatched. Their belief in her edible artistry has enriched both her creative journey and their lives together, creating a bond as sweet as her gingerbread creations.